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ECHO: it’s here when you need a little help

By Jacqueline, 12/28/2015, Categories: Health+Wellness, Today

“We are looking for volunteers who would like to teach sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, jewelry making or other art forms. We also encourage people to make items at EChO studio that we can sell on consignment at our EChO Resale Shop.” Both EChO Enrichment Center and EChO Studio are located in Suite 6 on the second floor of the Evergreen North Shipping Center that houses EChO Resale Shop.

What type of journey do you want as you age?

By Jacqueline, 08/30/2015, Categories: Health+Wellness, Today

Exercise improves health, balance and energy. The Seniors’ Resource Center in Evergreen, also affectionately known as the “Little Yellow House,” offers a community to seniors that includes mild exercise. With brief programs during weekdays, seniors can train in basic flexibility and strength and slowly work up to balance and endurance training.

Wisdom & folly of EHS' class of 1965

By Jacqueline, 10/03/2015, Categories: Today

The history and heritage of many who comprise the 1965 Evergreen High School class come from pioneer stock that tilled the soil, created the roads, ranched or farmed and started businesses that are either reminiscent of the past or thriving to this very day. Their familiar names include Alderfer, Olde, Ellis, Schneider Myers and Goodale (Buchanan/Landy/Hiwan), and when you put the six together (which I was recently blessed to do) they can recant stories and relive memories that are priceless.

Seniors often want to live at home

By Jacqueline, 08/30/2015, Categories: Health+Wellness, Today

Stricken with a brain abscess, Mel’s family and physicians thought he was destined to live his remaining years in a nursing home, but that was not his idea of living. Many senior citizens wish to remain at home as they age. And, there is help for them to do just that.

Do YOU believe in Bigfoot?

By Jacqueline, 05/02/2014, Categories: Today

What does believing in God have to do with Sasquatch? We get a lot of Sasquatch enthusiasts coming to our store, and they will eventually get up the courage to ask THE question: “Do YOU believe in Bigfoot? Hmm...Do I Believe?

Bravery facing flames, tough terrain

By Jacqueline, 06/26/2014, Categories: Health+Wellness, Today

Raging flood water. Fierce flames. Through it all we have seen heroes in action, the fearless firefighters of Elk Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Their entire fire fighting staff—volunteers included—are Colorado certified firefighters. And their chief, Bill McLaughlin, stated, “This particular group of firefighters is the best I’ve ever encountered anywhere.”

Do you know if your water is safe?

By Jacqueline, 06/26/2014, Categories: Health+Wellness, Today

Our well that, years earlier when we bought our home had perfect water, had changed way down deep. It now contained alpha, beta, lead, radon, uranium, etc. The water had caused liver disease in our dogs.

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