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June issue is all about pets and wildlife

By Jacqueline, 04/29/2016, Categories: Home+Garden, Health+Wellness

Check out wonderful pets needing homes in our communities in the June issue of Mountain Connection. And see photos of available pets, below on this page. Contact Evergreen Animal Protection League. Visit

Just Get Started!

By Jacqueline, 02/24/2016, Categories: Advice, Health+Wellness, Today

Here’s the creed Peter Twist, one of the top fitness presenters, who recently battled Stage 4 Nasopharyngeal cancer lives by; “Life is short…LIVE EVERY DAY. Today I will GIVE everything I have, what I keep inside I will lose forever.” Powerful words to live by.

Jean Lambert: Conifer history buff

By Jacqueline, 01/27/2016, Categories: Home+Garden, Today

During Jean and husband Bill’s years in Conifer, she would learn more than most about her family’s past generations. Jean would discover that she is a direct descendent to Daniel Boone and that her family tree includes names like President John Adams and Miles Standish.

Did you know that chimney sweeps are lucky?

By Jacqueline, 01/28/2016, Categories: Advice, Health+Wellness, Today

Since chimney and fireplaces require annual maintenance to ensure they are safe to use the chimney sweep has always been a necessary profession, and a lucky one at that! In fact, sweeps’ luck is so coveted that they have been honored guests at countless weddings, including that of Queen Elizabeth.

You can give Hope for Animals

By Jacqueline, 02/24/2016, Categories: Home+Garden, Today

Hope for Animals is a small dog rescue that might be new to you, however, it got its started in Clear Creek County in 1996 and was then known as Clear Creek County Animal Rescue League. For nearly 20 years it rescued abandoned, abused, neglected, injured and homeless animals, as well as rescuing precious lives from kill shelters and puppy mills.

What to do if pet ingests marijuana products?

By Jacqueline, 01/29/2016, Categories: Advice, Health+Wellness, Today

The legalization of medical marijuana has generated a mild increase in the instance of pets being treated for ingestion of THC. Recreational marijuana has spurred the number of cases even higher. This statement is, of course, very hard to quantify and verify due to the guesswork involved.

What 'NOT' to feed your pet!

By Jacqueline, 02/24/2016, Categories: Advice, Health+Wellness, Today

Snuggles Johnson was an affable pug. He never failed to greet me with a happy snort. This evening was different however. He walked around the exam room with a slight tilt. He leaned to the left, then to the right, and then he licked his left eyeball (a talent peculiar to pugs).

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