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06/04/2012 09:49, Published by Jacqueline, Categories: Community

“Spirits of the Land” by Madeline Weiner at Evergreen Lake House

by Jacqueline B. Scott, Mountain Connection owner/publisher

We live in a beautiful place. And it is accented by beautiful and sometimes fun or functional art.

Art for the Mountain Community places art in Evergreen (and beyond) every year, some of which become permanent members of our community.

The rotating art pieces change in June, so keep your eyes open for new creations in surprising places.

Meanwhile, the permanent art is like old and loved friends.

Kids climbing on the statue of kids at Evergreen Lakehouse is as much recreation as art. The life-sized stone children draw flesh-and-blood children to climb and play with them like a sticky table draws flies.

The kind-faced preacher enjoying a cup of coffee, or is it tea, out in front of Java Groove and Shadow Mountain Gallery, created by Susan Geissler, demands a smile in response to his radiant satisfaction in a simple morning, or is it evening, ritual of sipping something hot.

The relatively new round-about between Conifer and Evergreen begs to become home to a great piece of art. It calls out for art like sirens to lonely seamen.

May the vacant round-about’s cry soon be answered with stunning art.

Bailey has been blessed by the opening of the River Canyon Gallery. This wonderful gallery showcases some of the finest art, photos and crafts in our mountain community. But there’s more.

The art is creating community. The gallery fast became a meeting place, a gathering place, a community place. Ah, the power of art.

Just published by Mountain Connection is the new Corridor 285 Chambers Directory—a piece of art in its own right. The directory is in all the Corridor 285 Mountain Connections. If you want another or many, call 303-674-3701. Read about photographer Bobbyjo Birdsong and her cover photo on page 22.

Oh, and the directory/magazine also is online at

The June Mountain Connection is always about art, a worthy topic. Art is proof of civilization, a heart revealed, a flash of daring, an exposed nerve, a tender embrace. 

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