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We specialize in unique modern cirque entertainment to create a unique WOW-factor for any event. From elegant to eccentric, funky to frisky, we can tailor our performances to fit any theme or vibe. Our talented performers will transform the room, bringing your theme to life using fire dancing, aerial silk acrobatics, juggling, L.E.D. hula hooping, stilt walking, unicycling, and more. We integrate our skills in dance, danger, personality, and professionalism to create a custom show that is sure to leave a lasting impression. With swirling flames, rainbow L.E.D. lights, or floaty fabric, our dancers can add an element of spontaneity, an air of intrigue, or atmosphere of passion. We carry liability insurance and have 10 years of experience, so you can rest assured your entertainment will be safe, professional, and highly skilled.

We love sharing our art and we bring our enthusiasm for the spellbinding, the strange, and the spectacular to every event and audience. Our themes have ranged from classical elegance, fire & ice, luau, cabaret, steampunk, tribal, mythological, futuristic, classic circus, neon, pirates, and more, and we fuse a variety of dance styles to create a high-energy show set to your choice of music. Whether you prefer roving performers who wander and perform spontaneously throughout the crowd during cocktail hour, a featured multi-act 20-minute group show, or an inspiring and emotive soloist, we strive to provide exceptional service and entertainment your guests will never forget.

With a tight-knit crew of multi-talented artists, we fuse technical skill with theatricality and grace to create context-specific entertainment that is captivating and inspiring. We bring together elements of modern circus arts and dance in our tightly choreographed shows as well as our free-form performances that bring the theme to life and express emotion to and with the crowd. We've illuminated stages and audiences across the country and beyond, paying special attention to storytelling, suspense, performer interplay, unique costuming, and the conversation between artist and spectator. We share our passion in every move.

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