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Wildfire Defense for Your Home: EmberShield vents can protect your home against airborne embers, the single biggest threat to your home. @EmberShield

My name is Ben. I am a design engineer, inventor, and founder of HD Vents, the company behind the EmberShield line of products. I live in Monument, Colorado, where in June of 2013 our community was threatened by the very devastating Black Forest Fire. Shortly after purchasing my home in 2012, I had a Firewise representative come out to educate me on wildfire preparedness, given that my property is in a forested community. In the days following his visit I downloaded a home safety checklist from Curious, I decided to research ember intrusion through attic vents and learned that even the smallest mesh will not stop burning embers; they just stick to the screen and burn until they’re small enough to pass through. I also found that there were some products that claimed to prevent ash and ember intrusion but were not retrofittable and couldn’t be physically closed. The fire research links I’ve referenced on our website show that if air can get through the vents, embers can get through too. There was a real need for manually-operated, fully-closeable airflow restriction devices that could be either retrofitted directly over existing vents or installed in new construction. Thus, our research began and EmberShield vents were born.

A couple days after the Black Forest Fire started, our neighborhood was put on pre-evacuation notice due to the proximity and unpredictability of the fire. Shortly after, when wind speed and direction data indicated that my house was directly downwind, I made the decision to evacuate my family and myself. Prior to leaving, I did some basic preparation such as removing propane tanks and gas cans from the garage and placing a ladder outside my house. It was during this hurried preparation that I really began wishing I had some EmberShield vents of my own. Watching the news from our hotel room over the next three days and wondering if the fire would advance into our own neighborhood, the stark reality of the threat of wildfires hit home more than ever. It was during those days that I committed myself to getting this product to market as soon as possible so that homeowners around the country could take advantage of the valuable wildfire protection that EmberShield products offer.

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