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Mountain Connection

July Birds at Lair o 'the Bear


Seventh in a series of monthly hikes to observe birds, their numbers, habitats, and behaviors at the same location for one entire year.

This program will visit Lair o' the Bear Park once a month for the whole year with the purpose of documenting which birds are present each month, in what numbers, and in which habitats.

Join our naturalist to learn techniques for identifying, describing, and remembering each bird you see. You will also learn facts about different birds and have your many bird questions answered.

Adults only. Weather permitting.

In order to accommodate everyone who would like to participate in a birding trip at Lair o' the Bear, two trips have been scheduled for this month. Please only sign up for one trip in order give others a chance to attend. If there is still room in the July 9 trip by July 6, please feel free to register.

This program will be 2 -3 hours long with an option to stay after for a brown bag lunch (not provided) to discuss observations at the end of the hike.

The hike will take place on the Bruin Bluff Trail and Creekside Trail with moderate elevation gain.

Please wear hiking boots or good, comfortable walking shoes. Dress for the weather.

Bring with you binoculars, a bird guide (if you have one), snacks and water as needed. You can also bring a lunch if you would like to stay after the program to discuss the results of the day.

You will meet the naturalist at the east end of the main trailhead/parking lot of Lair o' the Bear Park.

Registration for this program is available one month before the date of the program. To register please visit or call Lookout Mountain Nature Center at 720-497-7600.

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